What Your Horse Wants is now a non-profit

What Your Horse Wants is now a non-profit organization.

Our goal in forming the organization is to spread the gospel of teaching in a more horse-friendly way, which will also be more student friendly, since comfortable, non-threatened horses are unlikely to ‘misbehave.’  It is also more instructor friendly, because students who feel safe and successful are more likely to keep riding, and do so with and instructor they have come to trust. And finally, a bonus, the student learns to ride safely and more correctly much faster than with the more traditional ‘groom, tack, mount, use stirrups, make horse go, stop and steer, and try to post the trot all in the first one or two lessons’ routine.

In addition to myself, the Directors are Kim Mastrianni and Meg Kluge, who are seasoned instructors local to Southern Vermont, and my daughter Karen Hayes. We’ll be adding a page here with more information soon.

We’re planning to give more instructor clinics, and hoping that we can start a fund so that instructors who don’t have a lot of cash available can be helped to attend the clinics.

For more of my writing, you may know that I contribute a regular column to Riding Instructor Magazine, and also to Salt Block Gazette, an equine magazine distributed mainly in the Carolinas. So far in these columns I have talked about anything from the rider-horse partnership, to horse-friendly bridling and saddling. You can download or view recent issues of both magazines on their web sites. (For those who want to read from the beginning, my column in Riding Instructor started with the Fall 2009 issue, and in Salt Block Gazette with the March 2010 issue).

We expect to have more publishing news soon.

Meanwhile, have a happy holiday season, read the books, and treat your horses with kindness and consideration. As I believe most of you do anyway.

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