Talking about Fear

Just got back from giving a speech on fear to an instructor forum. This message is for anyone who attended. I don’t want to put a copy of the speech on the open web, because we’re hoping that the video we made will come out, and we can sell copies and make at least a little money! (Story of our lives, isn’t it?)

BUT!!! Anyone who was there and would like a copy can e-mail me at, and just tell me the name of the school where the forum was held (I will not check spelling) so I know you were really there, and I’ll sent a copy right back.

And, BTW, you were a **wonderful** audience, and thank you for being there.

We have some other plans as well, so stay tuned. Also check the essays, because I have another concept to add that I just figured out!!! Old dogs *can* learn new tricks!

Keep on keeping on<S>


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