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I was just looking at Amazon, which gives me a readout on how the books are selling. What Your Horse Wants You to Know and How Your Horse Wants You to Ride are both doing nicely, thank you. But More How Your Horse Wants You to Ride, which in many ways I consider the best of the three, is not doing as well.

I think maybe those of you who are less experienced might consider it too advanced. In the sense that it offers some advanced concepts, it does go beyond the other two, but like the other two it is all written in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. I find it helpful and important for even less experienced riders to understand as much of the whole picture as possible, since even for simple riding tasks, all the details are important if the horse is to be comfortable and happy.

Another possibility is that you might feel that you haven’t mastered everything in How Your Horse Wants, and that going on might confuse you. Actually, everything in How Your Horse Wants is touched on in More How, but from a slightly different point of view, which can help you to understand each concept more clearly. And you begin to understand even better how things relate to each other.

Or you might think, if you are quite advanced, that you don’t need any more information on the basics. But the reality is that about 95 percent of what you do is some combination of the basics, and the more you know, the better you can do it. I will also mention that with over 3/4 century of experience (isn’t that impressive sounding?<G>) I am still learning new aspects which apply to the basics.

And finally, because of my many years of experience, and my good fortune in having instructors that were enormously knowledgeable, there are concepts in this book which you won’t find anywhere else, and which are absolutely essential to helping your horse be the best he can be.

So let me encourage you, if you don’t have More How Your Horse Wants You to Ride, to consider getting it, or asking for it for Christmas, or if you have it, encouraging your riding friends and even your instructor to take a look at it.

Try it, you’ll like it!


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  1. This is one of the best books on my shelf, and I am so grateful to Gincy for writing it! The careful, detailed pieces of the whole and the (un)common sense the book illustrates are contagious! I love that it’s sequential, as it is easy to diagnose a hole, fill it in and proceed!

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