Read Gincy’s New Article Series for Instructors

Gincy has been writing a series of articles for the ARIA newsletter, on what instructors can do to address the problem of novice riders being overfaced and getting hurt.

The series is called “Too Many Beginning Riders Are Getting Hurt: Why Novice Writers Get Hurt, and What We Can Do About It.” Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of the series:

….Preventing falls is something we practice every day in our daily life, whether moving or still, standing or sitting. It’s a built-in skill, therefore it should be easy to apply to riding a horse, just as we apply it to riding a bicycle or skiing (sports which bear some similarity to riding.)

If this is the case, then why are beginning riders, in theory learning basic and therefore safe skills, so much more likely to get hurt than more advanced riders (or people who ride motorcycles?) Two reasons—overfacing and/or overmounting. Or, to put it another way, placing the student in situations where she is likely to lose her balance and therefore her safety, because her centering skills are not ready for those situations.

…We will talk about the best ways to approach these problems. That is, we want to keep our students safe while still giving them challenges that will keep them interested and enjoying their lessons.

We have just uploaded most of the series to the Instructors section of the website. To read it, go to the Articles page and start reading!

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