Read Gincy’s Column in “Riding Instructor”

Gincy now has a regular column “Teaching Confidence” in the ARIA’s Riding Instructor magazine. The first appeared in the Fall 2009 issue, and the second has just been published in the Winter 2009-2010 issue.

ri_winter2009-10-cvr2Here are the titles and a brief excerpt from each column.

Fall 2009: “The Basics Don’t Have to Be Boring”

“When talking about my teaching methods, I used to talk about going more slowly in the beginning, but now I realize it isn’t a matter of going ‘more slowly’, but of teaching each step more thoroughly and in more depth. “But,” you say, “won’t my students be even more bored?” That’s a question that has confused me for years, because very few of my novice students (of any age!) were bored, and even advanced riders were often quite happy to spend an hour at the walk, working on small details.”

Winter 2009-2010: “Solving the Instant Gratification Problem”

“…Most people want to ride because they like horses. Not just riding, but the horse himself. They like the idea of being around the large and beautiful animal, patting him, loving him, talking—and listening—to him, riding through fields of clover, wherever their imagination takes them.
And you’re going to give them exactly what they want! A horse that likes them!”

If you already read Riding Instructor, be sure to look for Gincy’s column in these issues.

If you’re not a regular reader, you can read or download PDF versions of recent issues on the ARIA web site’s Riding Instructor archives page.

Happy reading!

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