Photo Shoot for Gincy’s New Book

Last weekend the WYHW team got together in Putney, VT, with Human Kinetics photographer Neil Bernstein (amazing professional and all around nice guy) plus a small group of dedicated volunteer riders and grooms (thank you all so much!) to shoot the photographs that will illustrate Gincy’s next book, due out in the spring. Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the weekend.

shooting western riding photos for book by Gincy Self Bunker

Setting up a western riding series. Left to right: Boomerang (bombproof equine model), instructor Kim Mastrianni (back to camera), model Stella Silverman, instructors Caryl Richardson & Meg Kluge, Gincy, photographer Neil Bernstein

The location is Caryl Richardson’s barn and ring in Putney. We did 260 shots in 3 days – each shot requiring multiple takes, plus different horses, equipment, riders and locations. To get the perfect photo for each shot could take less than a minute, or almost an hour!

instructors discuss next shot

Caryl’s off for a change of tack, while Gincy, Meg and Neil discuss the next series of shots.

The shots covered all kinds of different ground and mounted techniques and equipment, using 6 different horses and 16 models.

getting ready for a ground exercise shot

Gincy (at right) coaches models Morgan, Kit and Amy for a ground exercise shot, while Kim watches.

gincy and neil check the last shot

Gincy and Neil review the previous shot in his camera, while Stella waits her next turn as model. We never moved on to a new shot until Neil was sure Gincy had exactly what she wanted.

Neil braiding Stella's hair

Neil takes a break from being a photographer to play hairstylist, while Stella makes silly faces.


Many of these photos are from one sequence, late Sunday afternoon, because no one had time until then to pull out a camera and shoot all the activity, we were too busy being in it!

boomer put your ears up

By late Sunday, Boomer is so blase that he won’t prick his ears for the camera, no matter how much we dance around, whistle or rattle paper!

Despite all the hard work involved, we had a good time, mainly because everyone involved was so cheerful, hardworking and fun to be with. Thank you, everyone!

Finished at last! 260 shots in 3 days? Time for a nap!


Photo Shoot for Gincy’s New Book — 2 Comments

  1. This was one of my favorite photo shoots ever! What a great group of people, and horses, to work with. Thanks everyone! Gincy-I hope the book does great! Take care.
    Human Kinetics photographer, Neil Bernstein

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