Olympians Prove Riding is for All Ages

We have lots of news and riding tips to post, but this Olympic weekend, we can’t resist sharing two Olympic profiles. The oldest Olympian and the most experienced Olympian in competition this year are both equestrians.

Japanese dressage competitor Hiroshi Hoketsu is the oldest competitor in London, at the young (for a rider) age of 71. Read about him here.

Canadian jumper Ian Millar is breaking an Olympic record. This is his 10th Olympics, more than any other competitor in history. He first rode for Canada in 1972! Read about him on Yahoo; and on NBC; and on Canoe.ca.

And if you’re looking forward to riding for the rest of your life, you will especially like Millar’s comment about his chances of medaling this year:

“I have so much more experience, so much more knowledge and my capabilities are so much higher. Therefore, my chances of success are way greater.”

Ride on!

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