Gincy’s Spelling Lesson

Now that winter is leaving the Northern Hemisphere (we hope!) and summer heat is leaving the Southern Hemisphere, we thought you might enjoy a little Gincy humor about a particular way of exercising your horses on the ground.

In response to a discussion of the technique on the Riding With Confidence group, Gincy posted this:

“I don’t really care how you guys spell, but maybe you do.

“When I’m lounging, I’m lying around (probably on a sofa or bed) doing nothing except maybe reading.

“When I’m lunging, I might be fencing, or I might be a dog trying to bite someone.

“When I’m longeing, there’s a horse involved, who is hopefully going in the direction and speed that I ask for.

Are we clear??<G>”

Now let’s all hope for some ideal longeing weather!


Gincy’s Spelling Lesson — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, thank you! It’s a small irritation, that particular misspelling, but it always bothers me.

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