Gincy at Centered Riding Symposium

Gincy will be speaking at Centered Riding’s 14th Annual Educational Symposium, this Saturday, November 7th. The theme for this year is “Centered Riding’s Partner – The Horse.” Gincy will be speaking at the breakfast at the Putney Inn, Putney VT.

Here’s what the Symposium home page has to say about her presentation:

Gincy Bucklin (author of “How Your Horse Wants You to Ride”) will be giving a short presentation during breakfast on Saturday morning at the Putney Inn.  Gincy has been working on developing a “horse-friendly” approach to teaching riding in consideration of the life of a school horse.  This is the perfect beginning to “Centered Riding’s Partner – The Horse.”

They sound very enthusiastic about Gincy, and we share their belief that Centered Riding and What Your Horse Wants make a great combination.

You can find more information about Centered Riding and the 2009 Symposium on their web site.

And look for the text of Gincy’s talk to be posted here after the event.

Gincy and the What Your Horse Wants instructor team will also be going to Equine Affaire in Springfield on Friday, Nov 13, where they will be distributing  information on upcoming Instructor Clinics. We’ll post more details as soon as we have them.

UPDATE: I have posted the text of Gincy’s CR talk; you’ll find the link under “Essays” to the right, near the top. It was very well received by those attending the Symposium.

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