Gincy 1938

Gincy 1938

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This is a support group for horse owners/lovers who have
lost confidence in their riding or their horses. Also for
the instructors of such people. Gincy Bucklin, the moderator,
has 50+ years of teaching experience, and specializes in
dealing with fear problems connected with riding.


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  1. I am the author of Zen Connection with Horses and have been looking all over your site for an email address to contact you on and can’t find one. Zen Connection with Horses has some huge insights about fear with horses that I think will interest you and your group. My email address is
    cheers, jenny

  2. Hi, Jenny,
    Our email link seems to have disappeared, perhaps when I installed the site upgrade last week. So sorry! I’ll work on getting it back up. Gincy asked me to say she will be in touch with you shortly.


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  4. Gincy, Don’t know if you remember me. Silvermine school. 1965 Lynn Weingarten.It was a great time in my life. Worked at Red Raider Camp until it closed in 1975. Still riding. I wonder if you have heard from former riders. Thanks lynn

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