Centered Riding Features Gincy’s Neckstrap Breastplate

Gincy participated in a Centered Riding Instructor Development Day in Connecticut in January, and made quite an impression on at least one fellow instructor.  Last month, CR’s News section posted this article called “An Intriguing Piece of Equipment.” Here’s a short excerpt:

” Enter Gincy Bucklin and her western breast plate neck strap.  This wonderful invention offers the rider a sense of security and balance (by having something to hold on to) as well as enabling the rider to develop a sense of following with the hands and staying supple through the arms all at the same time.  This is the combination we have been looking for.”

The article then goes on to a long, enthusiastic write-up of one of Gincy’s signature pieces of instruction technology, the breastplate neckstrap. Read on and let us know what you think.

And you might like to know that we are now actively pursuing the manufacture of our own WYHW breastplate neckstraps. Watch the blog for news.

UPDATE, 3-19-2013.  We expect to start production this year!


Centered Riding Features Gincy’s Neckstrap Breastplate — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for your interest, Rebecca. We have a manufacturer and a prototype now, so as soon as we know the date they’ll be available, we will announce it here along with as any information about where to get them, price, etc.

  2. Hello
    I am very interested in this neckstrap breast plate, any chance that it is available now?

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