More How Your Horse Wants You to Ride

Take your understanding of horses and riding to the next level with this sequel to How Your Horse Wants You to Ride.

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 More How Your Horse Wants You to Ride | Advanced Basics: The Fun Begins
By Gincy Self Bucklin
Hardcover; 339 pages, illustrated, with appendices and index

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This follow-up to How Your Horse Wants You to Ride helps intermediate to advanced riders improve their communication with their mounts and polish their overall riding skills. Readers get a complete tutorial–much of which can be found nowhere else–on taking their riding skills to the next level.  Gincy begins by exploring in greater depth the three basics: relationship, riding without interfering, and communication. She then covers the rest of the essential riding skills, including cantering, jumping, and cross country, providing a comprehensive foundation for upper-level work. She introduces the serious student to advanced concepts, presented in a way that is easy to understand:

  • How to use leading to improve your rein skills and your horse’s responses
  • How free-longeing helps you and your horse learn more about his body
  • Why “riding your horse straight” isn’t as simple as you thought
  • How to help your horse deal with downhills
  • How to really sit the canter
  • Why jumping is one of the easiest skills