How Your Horse Wants You to Ride

The ultimate guide to mastering all the basic skills of the capable and confident rider, presented step by step, in depth and in detail.

HYHWYTR cover mediumHow Your Horse Wants You to Ride: Starting Out, Starting Over
By Gincy Self Bucklin
Hardcover, 432 pages; illustrated; with appendices and index.

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In this breakthrough guide, developed over a 60-year career as an instructor, Gincy offers adult riders a unique, proven method for developing a good physical, mental, and emotional relationship with a horse. Whether you’re a beginner, a more experienced rider looking to enhance your skills, or someone who used to ride but is reluctant to try again, these step-by-step exercises–slowly and carefully practiced first on the ground and then on your horse–will have you riding with confidence and without fear. You’ll build a safe and caring partnership with your horse as you:

  • Understand how your actions affect your horse
  • Improve your form, release tensions, and find balance
  • Communicate with your horse to gain his trust
  • Stay in charge without being controlling
  • Observe your horse’s responses and learn from them
  • Increase your horse’s comfort–both physically and psychologically