What Your Horse Wants offers these archival quality bookplates so you can have your own autographed copies of Gincy’s books. bookplate Gincy will autograph each plate in permanent ink, just for you. The bookplates are 3×4″ (10×7.6 cm) and are printed on archival paper with a self-adhesive back.

To get your autographed bookplates (up to 4), send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

What Your Horse Wants – Autographs
PO Box 134
Putney, VT  05346

Readers outside the United States should include an international postal reply coupon sufficient to pay for your return letter and bookplates.

We recommend including some simple waterproofing, such as a small ziplock baggie or a sheet of plastic wrap to fold around the bookplates. The bookplates and ink don’t run, but we’ve discovered that the ink on the envelope and any dye from a colored envelope will stain the bookplates if your mail gets wet.

Please do not send copies of books to be autographed. We do not have the resources to handle the mailing of packages, and we will not be responsible for any books sent to us.

(Note: the bookplate does not have a black border; the border shown above is simply to frame the image.)