The Team

Meg Kluge
Meg Kluge has pursued her interests in teaching and in horses throughout her life, and found remarkable synergies in the ways that they have informed each other.  It turns out that people and horses both learn best in an atmosphere of mutual respect, where curiosity and patience are valued.   On the academic side, Meg’s Master’s degree work at Lesley University focused on understanding how people learn and what makes a successful learning environment.  She has taught history and anthropology at both the secondary and college levels.  On the equestrian side, Meg started riding at about age seven, and working in a family horse-boarding business at about age twelve.  She boards horses and teaches riding at a small farm in Southern Vermont, and particularly enjoys starting beginning riders.

Kim Mastrianni
Kim Mastrianni has an Animal Science degree from Texas A&M University and has been involved with horses since the 70’s.  Her search for a better way to connect with a particularly temperamental Thoroughbred mare led her to clicker training. That revelation evolved into teaching riding through methods that are compatible with truly listening to your horse and developing a real relationship and partnership through mutual respect and understanding.  Today she teaches and trains in New Hampshire with a focus on understanding your horse, positive reinforcement and creating an enjoyable experience for both horses and riders.

K. Stoddard Hayes
Director of Marketing
As Gincy’s daughter, Karen Hayes spent the first half of her life around the riding schools operated by her mother and grandmother. She began assistant teaching as a teenager, and after college she worked under Gincy at Lion Hill Farm, laying the foundations for the innovative teaching method that evolved into What Your Horse Wants. Though retired from teaching to pursue a career as a professional writer and editor, she has remained deeply interested in her mother’s work, and now serves as the team’s marketing and communications wizard. She lives and works in Rhode Island and is the owner of Conjure Creative, a marketing content company.