Our Mission

The most important lesson I ever learned in a lifetime of riding and teaching is this:

“What makes good riding correct is that it makes the desired task the easiest, most effective thing for the horse to do.”

The guiding concept of What Your Horse Wants is that it is horse friendly. This is partly because we hate to see horses being unnecessarily abused, but also because if the rider is abusing the horse, then she is riding badly, which means she is ‘practicing her mistakes.’ Which means that she often spends ten or fifteen years trying to unlearn the bad habits she picked up in the first ten or fifteen lessons. And of course she is also learning that abusing the horse by riding badly is okay, which affects her whole attitude toward the horse.

People take up riding because they love horses and want to have a good relationship with their horse. Our mission is to teach people to ride in a way which is kind and helpful to the horse, and which develops the partnership that all horse lovers want to have with their horses.

~   Gincy Self Bucklin